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Image - Fredy Franzutti after a period of training and professional experience in Europe (Italy, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain) began his choreographic fortunate career founding the company of Balletto del Sud in 1995 in Lecce a baroque beautiful city in south Italy.

Ballets created by Fredy Franzutti for his company include the best titles of romantic tradition: “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Sheherazade” “The fire bird” all with great success in European Theatres.
He was hailed by the critics as “Italy’s young choreographic prodigy” (Michele Nocera), and “One of Italy’s most appreciated  and talented choreographers” (Victoria Ottolenghi). As well, Fredy has created ballets for the most important European Theatres like Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow, Rome Opera House,  Sophia Opera House, Monte Carlo Opera House, Bilbao Opera House, Theatre “V. Bellini” of Catania, for Pesaro Rossini’s Festival, and for different televised events on national broadcasting RAI UNO, such as dances for the 2004 New Years concert conducted by Lorin Maazel, transmitted from Fenice Venice Theatre in Eurovision.
Fredy Fanzutti’s Balletto del Sud has been repeatedly in the best dance festivals in Italy and every time with extreme success.

Franzutti has collaborated with Carla Fracci, Lindsay Kemp, Katia Ricciarelli and has created choreography for numerous international stars. Notably - the dances of  Aida opera in the prestigious open theatre in Rome ancient Caracalla bath, in the "Marter of San Sebastian" with Giorgio Albertazzi in Verona, the inauguration of the Roman Theatre of Lecce (for the Memmo Foundation), the inauguration of Bologna Porta Galliera   (2003) and of the marble Steps of Pincio (2004).

His company Balletto del Sud has been invited to participate in many grand operas by such stage directors. These shows included spoken performances by famous Italian actors such as Ugo Pagliai, Paola Pitagora, Michele Mirabella, Arnoldo Foŕ.
Orchestra Conductors  with whom he has collaborated include Lorin Maazel, Richard Bonynge, Karl Martin, Francesco Libetta.

Franzutti has also directed the film “If this is a Man” interpreted by Michele Placido, Emilio Solfrizzi. Other television events include the choreography for the “Italian republic commemoration” 2002, the transmission “A voice for Padre Pio” (2004 and 2006), the "Prize Zeus" (2005 and 2006) , “Summer’s surprise” at ancient Padula church (2006).

Fredy Franzutti has been praised by many critics underlining his original and modern traits:

“The director of the Balletto del Sud has oriented his new "Sleeping Beauty" in his native land Salento… an genius idea”. Vittoria Ottolenghi - L'Espresso

 “Franzutti with particular work, in a way completely personal and contemporary, reworks narratives and constructs performances that leave their historic mark”. Michele Nocera - Tuttodanza

“Fredy Franzutti, I have much esteem of him, his work, and his dedication as an artist” Pier Luigi Pizzi - Il Quotidiano

“Franzutti is establishing himself among the many great choreographers of the British school”. Nicholas Sbisŕ - Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

“We have never encountered a choreographer like Fredy Franzutti, concise and passionate when facing heavy caliber of ballettic literature, ambitious but not velleitario attracted by creativity. ” Alberto Testa - Balletto Oggi